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Structural Moisture Reduction

Excessive moisture in your home can lead to many serious structural threatening problems such as conducive conditions for wood destroying fungi and infestations by termites and other wood destroying insects. The damage it causes can frequently be seen in paint failure on exterior and interior walls. Moisture also plays an important role in allergies and illnesses by promoting the growth of mold. Uncontrolled moisture causes billions of dollars in damage to homes in this country every year and it doesn't just come from storms and floods. Experts state that 90 percent of the deterioration in buildings that is not structural is due to uncontrolled moisture seeping into the foundation and under the crawl space or slab.

At Whitco, we are experts in reducing structural moisture to safe levels. Some of the tools we use are foundation vents and vent wells, moisture barriers, and powered fans. Our goal is to stop the moisture before it gets into your home or business. Keeping it out can save you thousands of dollars in reducing maintenance. Call us for a free inspection.


Vent well with foundation vent

Moisture Barrier

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